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He-Man Dual Controls

About He-Man Dual Controls

He-Man Dual Controls He-Man Dual Controls Ltd are the prefferred brand of dual controls for 98% of ADI's in the UK. They have been designing and manufacturing He-Man Dual Controls for over 80 years, in this time He-Man has supplied dual controls to all the major UK motor manufacturers and some of the more specialist manufacturers and has also designed and supplied dual controls for use in other countries both for left and right hand vehicles.

He-Man Dual Controls are designed and thoroughly tested prior to approval by the vehicle manufacturer and come with a life time guarantee.

He-Man Dual Controls & Fitting Available For

Alfa Romeo - BMW - Chevrolet - Citroen - Daewoo - Daihatsu - Ford - Honda - Hyundai - KIA - Mazda - Mercedes-Benz - Mini - Mitsubishi - Nissan - Peugeot -Proton - Renault - Rover - Seat - Skoda - Smart - Suzuki - Toyota - Vauxhall - Volkswagen - Volvo

The He-Man Design Team is dedicated to keeping the range of dual controls up-to-date with current vehicle developments; Close links with motor manufacturers, dealerships etc allow us to provide dual controls for vehicle models within a short time of the modelís launch. We are proud to have a very large range of dual controls available which allows us to supply for almost any vehicle that ADIís would wish to use as well as some that are used for specialist training, We are happy to investigate designs for any vehicle if requested.

GPS Speedo Benefits

  • Projects the speed in the instructors line of sight
  • Easy installation (plug & play)
  • Simple operation
  • Adjustable to closely match vehicle speedometer
  • Speed warning signals
  • Smartphone/PDA connectivity
  • Easily removable

Risk assessed and approved by the Driving Standards Regulation Directorate

See it in action

He-Man Dual Controls Guarantee

He-Man Dual Control's lifetime guarantee covers physical parts of a dual control during its first installation when supplied new and correctly installed according to the Installation Instructions (by He-Man or through an authorised agent). The lifetime guarantee is dependent upon the dual control being maintained as detailed in the Installation Instructions and/or General Facts Sheets. The cables of a cable linked dual control carry a twelve month warranty as this is their serviceable lifetime.


There are people who falsely claim to be Authorised He-Man Installers and may sell second-hand or even modified dual controls sometimes claiming that they are covered by He-Man Dual Control's lifetime guarantee. We do not recondition dual controls or even supply any parts to carry out this operation and no-one else is approved or qualified to do so. He-Man Dual Controls are dedicated designs and thoroughly tested; it is important for your own safety that of your pupils and the general public that you should always ensure the integrity and suitability of your controls by using only unmodified, guaranteed dual controls

Please check with He-Man Dual Controls to see if the company fitting your dual controls is qualified to do so!

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